Over the past few years, we have worked hard to keep our prices competitive while offering a superior product! We have worked hard to build a better product, not a cheaper one. We stand behind this statement with sturdy bins, top of the line heat tape / insulators, and quality plastics that make up the rack. We include standard belly heat slots and option for back heat slots with special order. Our racks stack allowing one piece heat tape for multiple racks. Each shelf has special cut recessed tracks that never allow heat tape direct contact with the bins allowing for many years of safe use. 

6 Quart Baby Ball Rack


12 Bin

$200     With Heat

$175     No Heat

    21 9/16” High   

24 Bin

$360     With Heat

$330     No Heat

   42 3/4” High 

These Racks Are:

24” Wide

17 3/8” Deep

Combo Racks


Combo Racks AND Straight Pull 32qt Bins

2 - 15 quart bins or 1 - 32 quart bin per shelf.

You pick what bin type combo you want with your rack

3 Shelf Combo

$190     With Heat

$165     No Heat

    21 1/8” High   

6 Shelf Combo

$330     With Heat

$300     No Heat

   41 11/16” High 

These Racks Are:

24” Wide

17 3/8” Deep

70 Series Rack


 70 Series With Molded Water Bowl Holder:

“Twin Heat Tape Heat Strips”

3 Drawer

$265     With Heat

$245     No Heat

    18 3/8” High   

6 Drawer

$500     With Heat

$475     No Heat

   36 3/16” High 

12 Drawer

(Coming Soon)

These Racks Are:

19 1/16” Wide

34 1/8” Deep

All same style racks can stack with locking pins included with your rack

Add Thermostat: Starting at $30

Add Base Stand: $20

*All rack sizes and measurements are approximate *


 Small Racks are $80 to $120

Large Racks are $150 to $300

Price will vary from your distance.

Local Pick up from store or Florida Repticon Shows is FREE!

Call or Text (863) 399-1134 To place order or get further information

Proper Set-up & Care:

  • Be sure thermostat probe is secured direct to heat tape with foil tape or similar product
  • Allow unit to operate for few hours before placing live animals in racks
  • Check bin temps often for safe temps
  • Do not use in rooms that have excess heat or cold
  • Be sure room is with 15 degrees of desired temp that rack is stored in
  • Discontinue use if heat tape or bins are damaged
  • Always keep bins in rack during use, even if empty
  • Thick layers of substrate will block heat in bins
  • Do not overload wattage of thermostat used
  • Do not use same thermostat for different size racks
  • Clean with plain water only

Failure to comply with rules will result in damage or injured animals.