Wholesale Purchase

Looking to bulk sale a group of reptiles? Contact us to purchase your healthy reptiles. We work with pet stores, breeders, and collectors all over the U.S. We may have the connection for you.

Ball Python Egg Incubation

Many of our new Ball Python breeders find themselves not wanting to spend hundreds of dollars to purchase an incubator just for a few clutches. We have started a service of providing incubation of Ball Python eggs for our customers. The fee is $10 per egg or $50 per clutch if you have more than 5 eggs. Each clutch will be kept in our multi-thermostat climate controlled walk-in incubator. If you plan to use this service, let us know in advance so that you can make prior arrangements to drop off the eggs as they are laid. Family Reptiles has years of incubation experience and has produced hundreds of successful hatchlings. Family Reptiles can not guarantee the success or failure of any clutch as many factors are involved. 

Snake Sexing

Family Reptiles will sex your snake FREE of charge. Just bring the animal by during our normal business hours. If you have multiple animals, please contact us so that we can arrange a staff member to better assist you.