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Ball Pythons For Sale




$70 With Animal Purchase

Not Sure What All These Look Like?

We are building a “Morph Page”

that you can get a glance at many of the snakes for sale.

What does “Het” mean?

In recessive gene snakes, Het simply means that the snake carries that specific gene, but looks like a normal or base morph. So a Pastel Het Pied looks like a regular Pastel, but carries the Pied Gene. 50% and 66% Hets is the genetic chance it may or may not carry the gene.

Other Reptiles For Sale

Family Reptiles works with many quality breeders. If you are searching for something not on our list, please contact us and we may find the perfect reptile for you! 

You may place a $50 non-refundable deposit to hold any animal. Stop by the shop or contact us for details. 863-399-1134

Have A Trade?

Family Reptiles is in need of a few items and would possibly trade for reptiles, feeders, and/or supplies.

Looking For:

Water Craft (Jet Ski)

Farm Tractor

Off Road Fork Lift

Cargo Van

Farm Equipment

ATV or Go-Kart

Sports Car



Theme Park Tickets

Air Conditioners

“Guy Stuff”

Sales Terms


Visa, Master Card, Discover, Debit Card, Cash, and Personal Check are accepted. All funds must clear your financial institution before accepting ownership of the new animal. ID required with credit card/check for large purchases. We DO NOT accept PayPal any longer due to the recent increase of internet scams. 


All sales are final. No warranty on any living animal or reptile. We take pride in offering healthy reptiles, but can not be responsible once you take control of the animal. Many animals have become sick or killed from lack of owner responsibility. If you have an issue with your reptile, please contact us. We may be able to provide you with assistance or animal exchange based on circumstances. Be sure you have read all care and facts information before accepting your new family member.


We will accept a $50 deposit per animal over $100 and a $100 deposit per animal over $500. We will hold that animal for a period of 30 days. You will lose your deposit on any animal not picked up within 30 days unless arrangements have been made with management. If we are unable to deliver the product and/or the specific reptile you ordered, we will refund your deposit/Payment. If you cancel the order at any time...There is NO refund.


We provide next day air shipping to anyone in the U.S. Additional fees may apply for multiple or larger snakes. Purchaser must accept the package on the delivery date or all guarantees will be voided. We guarantee the reptile to arrive alive and have established eating before shipping.


We ship snakes every Wednesday:

Shipping Rates:

Within State Of Florida   $50

Eastern U.S.                   $65

Central U.S.                   $75

Western U.S.                  $95

Minimum Snake Purchase Is $50 To Ship

Snake Purchases Over $300 Will Get Up To $50 Free Shipping

Snake Purchases Over $600 Will Get Up To $100 Free Shipping

Shipping rates not only cover shipping, but the supplies, boxes, bags, and staff time to properly prepare and time to ship your reptile.