Great feeders for ball python hatchlings, small snakes, lizards, spiders, and other reptiles. We can deliver in large orders of live or frozen with additional fee. 

$1.25 - Small, Medium, Large 

$1.00 - Pinks, Fuzzy, Crawle



The common rat grows very fast. Small and medium rats are used most in the feeding of adult ball pythons. Large and jumbo rats can be used for the larger snakes such as the Burmese or Boa. Rats come in albino or assorted colors.

Live or Frozen

$2.25 - Small, Medium, Large

$1.25 - Pinks, Fuzzy, Crawlers


African Soft Furred Rat (ASF)

Native to Africa, these rats are the size of a small rat when full grown. Known to bite when near their young, these rats have a very low odor to humans. The snakes find their scent to be very attractive. ASF rats are available in assorted sizes. ASF are used in our facility over mice because of the many benefits.

Live or Frozen

$1.25 - Small, Medium, Large

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