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About Us

Family Reptiles was founded in 2007 by Scott and Elizabeth Wisneski. This adventure did not start for dreams of fame and fortune, but because our youngest daughter wanted a new family member. It’s amazing how one King Snake can change your world. We all fell in love with that snake and the “Addiction” had begun! Today everyone of our reptiles has a place in our heart.

The name “Family Reptiles” was easy to pick and for good reason. We own a Martial Arts School and after school program here in Lakeland Florida. Our business, “Family Martial Arts Center” was chosen from the close relationships that we have with our clients. We spend thousands of hours making a positive impact on children, families, and adults. We wanted to incorporate that same relationship of success and carry it on to the world of Reptiles. As our client base builds, we look forward to years of friendship with new family!

As we made contacts with some the greatest people in the snake business such as Michael Cole and Greg Graziani, we found that they had the same appreciation and love for reptiles as we did. We exist today because of caring people that took the time to help us and we owe that back to the reptile community. We look forward to you becoming a part of our family.

Scott & Elizabeth Family Reptiles is conveniently located at 4505 Old Road 37 in Lakeland Florida. We specialize in ball python breeding of hatchling and adult morphs. Our facility provides a full line of Ball Python Morphs.  We also provide a selection of live bulk rodent orders to include: Rats, Mice, and African Soft Furs for your feeder needs.